Become a Booster Member

We invite you to join the Mustang Booster Club and be a supporter of the students and their activities. The purpose of the Mustang Booster Club is to support and encourage student ability to participate in athletic, music, speech, drama, debate, student congress, and other school related activities.

Your membership supports the activities of the Mustang Booster Club which works to:

  • Promote and support various Mustang Clubs and Activities
  • Promote strong character of camaraderie and sportsmanship
  • Encourage parent and community participation
  • Assist in creating a positive school spirit and culture

MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS: 2019-20 School Year

_____ $20     Colt Membership (single person includes one window decal)

_____ $30     Stallion Membership (multiple person household includes two window decals)

_____$65      Mustang Stampede Membership (multiple person household includes two window decals and one Mustang Booster logo item)

Mustang Booster Membership form

Staff memberships are now also available for teachers and school staff: (you can even wear jeans one day!)

Mustang Booster Staff Membership 2019-20